Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boring night at work.

So it's another night at work and I am bored as all hell here. There is only so much web browsing you can do before you get really really bored! lol. On a lighter note though, my mom is back in the states this week. So I can actually have a phone conversation with her for the next couple of days. YAY!!!

The more I sit here, the more I wish I didn't work graves. I don't see many people at this time of night. If I do, they are normally drunk. Sometimes it makes for a funny story but, most of the time its just annoying. The lack of human interaction makes for long nights that leave me very alone in the world. Everyone I know is sleeping... I hate it. Of course, on the other hand when I get home. Everyone is just getting ready for there day... It sucks. I guess if I was in school already, it wouldn't be so bad. I could use all the free time to do homework and projects. Alas, that seems like a far off dream at the moment. At least till I find other job that pays a bit more.

At the moment I wish I was at home in bed. I want to be back in bed. Lack of sleep really hurts when you are awake all night... I guess it'll just make falling asleep at home a lot easier in the morning.

It rained today. A lot in compared to the last couple of times. It was a nice change of pace and it made it a lot cooled tonight. I just dread the fact that it is going to be very humid tomorrow. Blah.... I think I have been spoiled with dry heat for a little too long. Oh well.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello World!

So my last blog went missing and now I feel the need to make a new one! Hopefully I can keep tabs on this one a little better.

Welcome to my life. My name is Steven Kroeger, A.K.A. Tristen. Long story short Tristen is just a nickname. Half my friends use it, half don't doesn't bother me either way. So where to start. I'm a total military brat. I've been all over this country and still have to much more to see. I've spent most of my life here in the city of sin, Las Vegas. Growing up here has been an experience to say the least. I can't say it was all good or bad. Just different when you compare to mst of my friends.

So I guess this is the place for me to vent and share my life with whoever I decide to share this blog with. I have not idea who that is at the moment. I'm sure I'll figure it out in due time though. I'm not going to write much at the moment considering I'm at work and I can't keep focus on writing while I am hammered by guest questions and phone calls. (Oh and random things breaking down...) Ugh.

I'll be sure to post more often now that I'll be a bit more mobile. Hopefully I get to it more often than the other blogs I keep attempting to make. :)