Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boring night at work.

So it's another night at work and I am bored as all hell here. There is only so much web browsing you can do before you get really really bored! lol. On a lighter note though, my mom is back in the states this week. So I can actually have a phone conversation with her for the next couple of days. YAY!!!

The more I sit here, the more I wish I didn't work graves. I don't see many people at this time of night. If I do, they are normally drunk. Sometimes it makes for a funny story but, most of the time its just annoying. The lack of human interaction makes for long nights that leave me very alone in the world. Everyone I know is sleeping... I hate it. Of course, on the other hand when I get home. Everyone is just getting ready for there day... It sucks. I guess if I was in school already, it wouldn't be so bad. I could use all the free time to do homework and projects. Alas, that seems like a far off dream at the moment. At least till I find other job that pays a bit more.

At the moment I wish I was at home in bed. I want to be back in bed. Lack of sleep really hurts when you are awake all night... I guess it'll just make falling asleep at home a lot easier in the morning.

It rained today. A lot in compared to the last couple of times. It was a nice change of pace and it made it a lot cooled tonight. I just dread the fact that it is going to be very humid tomorrow. Blah.... I think I have been spoiled with dry heat for a little too long. Oh well.

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