Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Win!

So last night I went back to the "Little Shop of Magic", a small games hobby shop out here in vegas. I went there to participate in Friday Night Magic. Yes, I play Magic: the Gathering and love every second of it. :) I went not expecting to do well, but to my amazement I ended up winning the tournament. We ended up drafting Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn (Magic 2010 has pretty much sold out in every store here). Above is the deck I ended up playing with.

Through the drafting process, everyone was laughing and talking. Just having an all around good time. There was a big part of me that, at first, was telling me that I should have just drafted some of the rares that kept getting passed to me. I held back the urge... This time I wanted to play for real and see what came from it. So I tried to remember everything that I had learned from reading articles on Daily MTG and from "The Magic Show".

I ripped Sarkhan Vol from the first pack. It had pretty much set the tone for the rest of the first pack draft. (Red/Green right?) Well that didn't end up being the case. I kept it to pretty much Jund colors (Red/Green/Black) through most of it. The second Pack I ripped ended up having the Obelisk of Alara. I remember seeing someone on twitter posting something about not being able to get over that monster without a way to get rid of it. So I took it, almost deciding on the spot to start splashing white and blue into the deck. I was passed two Exploding Borders from the second pack draft which made me feel better about the other couple of Domain cards that I ended up picking up as well. At this point I knew I should be looking for mana fixing in the final pack. So I ended up taking the three borderposts (Looking back on how things happened, I wish I would have taken the Fieldmist over the Firewild Borderpost, would have helped a bit more with mana curve).

I ended up with only the two rares out of this draft! I was actually pretty proud of myself for sticking to it! Everyone started to build there decks right there at the table. I picked up my cards and moved to another empty table and started building. I didn't feel like talking about what choices I had made. At this point I was still pretty shaky about how I actually would do. I sucked it up and started building. then realizing. I wanted to try and include all five colors. I figured hey, I have the mana fixing (Sort of) to try it!

So I have to admit that these five cards (Well six if you want to count that I have two exploding borders) were the reason I ended up winning game after game. Sarkhan Vol and Obelisk of Alara are really hard to stop once they start moving. As long as I had a couple of creatures to block with I was able to get the Planeswalker to his ultimate ablilty. Behemoth Sledge plus Marisi's Twinclaws = Epic (At least that is how I felt everytime I landed them in play). Exploding Borders just brought the deck together when I needed to find the lone Island or one of the two Plains.

I played my way through five rounds. I won each round, two of which were 2-0 rounds. I was excited and at one point really really nervous. I think it was the third match that I actually started shaking and had to flip through cards in my hand to stop my hands from shaking. It was a feeling I am not used to at all but, I had so much fun. I won the FNM card which I forgot to bring with me (Sitting at work). So next time I'll make sure to post the final picture to it. Overall I had a ton of fun and was beyond happy with how I did. I thought back over all the times that I could have come and played but, decided against it. Now I wish I would have come and played more. Oh well, I plan on changing that from here on out! I had to much fun not to do it again!

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