Sunday, June 20, 2010

A new Start?

Okay, so it's been a minute since the last time I posted anything here... A long minute! A lot has happened. I'm not even sure when my last post was and I am too lazy at the moment to check it. So I'll consider this a semi-fresh start.

So I am now single... Yes, it sucks, part of me wasn't ready for it. Shit happens though right. You live, learn, and move on. I am on the path to making myself happy and that is what matters! My schedule just changed at work and I will be able to go to Friday Night Magic again. That in itself makes me smile. Magic is a huge part of my life and it doesn't seem like it is going to change anytime soon!

In a little less than a month I am going to New York City to visit my mom. I am super excited about it and can not wait for the trip. I am hoping to have a long chat with my mother about what the future holds for me. I can't live in Vegas any longer. I am not happy here... So I am going to leave and make the best of whatever the next move brings me. I have decided that I am moving back east though. Omaha was a blessing in my life and I will visit my friends there, but I want to move on and grow up and I don't think I can do that in the "Big O".

Everyday I catch myself wishing I had a new boyfriend or that Tony and I would get back together. I hate being alone. This is the first time that I have really been single in a very long time. I know it's only been two months, but it feels like an eternity sometimes. On the same note though, I am now working on making myself happy before I try jumping into a new relationship. I have a lot of work to do and now I have to motivation to do it.

So back to Magic! LOL. I know I am jumping around quite a bit and for anyone reading this I am sorry! I signed up for Star City Games premium membership today. 5.00 a month to read articles from some of the best of the best in Magic. I have only read a few articles and I already feel like it was worth the five bucks I paid. I feel like a black sheep with my friends because I am constantly checking on the news in the magic world. I am in super competitive mode and it's not going to change. I play to win and don't get me wrong, I have a blast when I play with my friends. I just don't think that any of them get my mindset. Tony is the only one that I talk to about it and he just laughs at me for being mister serious. Oh well.

For now I end it here and hopefully I will write again soon. I am glad that I am back on the writing path and starting to realize what really makes me happy, What makes me, well "me". ^_^

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